Efficient Macro Recorder 4.3

Efficient Macro Recorder is a complete automation tool
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Efficient Macro Recorder is a complete automation tool. It can be used to record actions and then have the application repeat them for you. These actions are called macros and you can record the input from your mouse and keyboard, and even add specific commands to your Macros. There are quite a few different versions of this app available. They are called Mini, Lite, Standard, Professional and Excel. A trial version of each one of them is available for download to test the app extensively before you have to purchase. The cheapest option, the Mini version, retails for 19 dollars. This one can take care of the most basic macros, and chances are that it is all you need to automate simple tasks. The other versions come with extras like smart recording, triggers, file operations, windows commands and so on. The Smart Recording feature detects the window that you are recording commands on instead of its relative position on the screen. This helps you avoid errors when the position or size of the window changes.

When you create a new macro, a new window will come up where you can either enter commands or start recording. When you start recording, the application window will be hidden automatically to save you the trouble of doing it manually. I have seen macro recorders that don't do this, and it is such a basic feature. After your recording is done, you can play it to see if it works and you can stop it any time during playback by hitting the "F6" key. Even if you recorded a task via the recorder feature, you can manually edit every movement that you made with your mouse and every key that you pressed, although this takes some extra time and skill.

In short, Efficient Macro Recorder works like a charm and it has a great number of features that it puts at your hand. It is incredibly easy to use and there are many ways to customize your recordings.

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